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IMG558Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Acupuncture & Herbs, is a summary of the experience of the ancient people’s struggle against disease for thousands of years. It has been tested and proved by billions of patients. Vast knowledge and experience of Acupuncture & herbs has been accumulated in prevention and control of disease and related problems. Acupuncture and  herbs are invaluable for their rich practical knowledge and experience and as a unique, integrated, theoretical Chinese health care system. This system has been established since ancient times. In the past decades, a resurgence of Acupuncture & herbs, these traditional Chinese health care art has come through the “Bamboo Curtain”. A great deal of interest has been generated by Acupuncture & herbs theories and practices. Now Traditional Chinese Medicine,Acupuncture & herbs, are highly regarded by the international community. The United Nations’ World Health Organization recommends Acupuncture & TCM to the world, as a primary health care system. TCM, Acupuncture and  herbs, as a  science and culture, is totally different from that of modern western medicine. Each organ and tissue, in TCM, Acupuncture,  herbs, not only is the anatomical entity but also is the generalization of the physiological function of the human body. In other words, each organ and tissue has its own function but yet is a part of whole body’s unique activity. The TCM, Acupuncture &  herbs,  approach relies upon the body’s own functional integration and the relationship between the body and the natural world. The Acupuncture meridians, channels, and collaterals of TCM theories show a connection to all the different organs and tissues. The body’s vital energy (Qi) and blood are circulated inside these Acupuncture meridians, channels, and collaterals. Through acupuncture meridians, the pathways, the qi and blood are transported to nourish organs and tissues. Normal functioning of various organs is thus ensured and a relative equilibrium maintained, therefore, a person’s healthy body maintained. A TCM Doctor uses both personal and the centuries’ of accumulated Acupuncture & herbs knowledge and experience to give each patient a complete TCM evaluation and provide appropriate guidance toward individualized help. This ancient medicine, Acupuncture &  herbs, theory, as with “Western” medicine, utilizes a collection of information from the description of the problem(s), and from all of the reported symptoms, signs and uncomfortable feelings to help distinguish between the different TCM syndromes. The TCM syndromes provide clues to the cause for an individual body’s imbalance. The explanation of the individual body’s condition then indicates the specific needed Acupuncture &  herbs treatment recommendations to each patient. The Traditional Chinese Medical methods used to get rid of problems are primarily  herbs and Acupuncture.

Chinese HerbsIMG534 Herbs are major part of TCM. The herbs classified inside  herbology has been tested and proven useful for thousands of years. The  herbs are organic and natural substances. Some of them are daily life’s fruits and plants. The TCM doctor combines different herbs together to treat different problems. The traditional patent herbal formulas are collection of experiences of thousands of year’s practice. They are used for all kinds of diseases and problems including cancers, all kinds of pathological disorders, stress, and depression, with very few or no side effects.

AcupunctureIMG547The theory of Acupuncture are indispensable parts of TCM in prevention and control of disease and problems. The needle form of acupuncture is known by the American community. The purpose of point stimulation by acupuncture needle is to unblock the acupuncture meridians and balance the body’s flow of qi and blood. The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn up a provisional list of diseases which has responded to Acupuncture Methods.

“The TCM approach relies upon the body’s own functional integration and the relationship between the body and the natural world.”

Dr. Xiao Wu, graduated from Chengdu Traditional Chinese medical University specializing in Acupuncture and  herbs in 1984, was one of few selected graduates who went to work at the most prestigious Acupuncture Institute at China Academy of TCM in Beijing, China, . Her patients come to the clinic with all kinds of disease and illness, often exhausted of traditional conventional medicine. She systematically exam each patient and make a precise diagnose based on Chinese medicine, use classic  Acupuncture technique and Traditional  herbs to get rid of roots of problems and achieve maximum results. In addition to treating patients,   Dr. Wu also utilize her knowledge and experience of nutritional diet and exercise to teach patients how to uniquely maintaining results, balancing life, mind and body, and achieving optimal life and longevity. Just like Dr. Wu said; “has a passion about what you are doing and you will do well”. She has a passion about TCM, starting at a teenage and has since then dedicated her life for Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs. She has brought the true meaning and value of Chinese medicine( acupuncture & herbs ) into the America community,  has consistently provided the high standard of Chinese medicine and qualified service in her daily practice, and  successfully helped tens of thousands of  patients  achieving  their goal, balancing their body and maximizing their optimal life expectation in her 30 years clinic practice. Click on “DOCTOR” for more information.IMG533





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