IMG558Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been used for digestive’s problems since ancient times. It is very common in modern time to see people have Crohn’s disease, poor appetite, abdominal or stomach pain, colitis, nausea, acid reflux, heart burn, chronic constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndromes, etc. In the definition and theory of Chinese medicine, the digestive system’s problems are directly associated with Spleen and Stomach. The concept of spleen and stomach in Chinese medicine has a much more broader meaning, it includes the entire GI system, from secretion of saliva,  tasting food, to consume food, transfer food to nutrients and transport nutrients to nourish body, to the elimination, all been governed by spleen and stomach. When spleen and stomach out of balance, any problems along the GI track could occur. Causes of the problem are classified into few categories, they could directly come from spleen and stomach, it also could come from other organs being out of balance or could been affected by abnormal environments. In the Chinese medical principle of the integration and five element and internal organs theories, all organ systems reinforce each other when they are in the harmony situation, and affect each other when one is out of balance. Each person is unique and  different, the manifestation on individual will not be same. By correctly differentiating each condition, precisely diagnose the problem based on Chinese medicine, and effectively choosing points and applying acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs, along with proper diet and life style, a person will achieve a long and optimal results.

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