IMG558Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has well known for its effective results on menopausal symptoms. During menopause time, a person may experience one or more emotional and/or physical problems, such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, weight problems, hot flash, night sweats etc.. Under western medicine, symptoms more likely being caused by deficiency of hormone(s) or hormones out of balance. By definition of Chinese medicine, they are caused by internal organs out of balance. specific location or out of balanced organ on each person may be different, it is determined by few factors. By differentiating each condition and situation, make a correct diagnose based on Chinese medicine, apply correct acupuncture points and Chinese herbs, the individual’s hormone and internal organs will be balanced. when  a person is balanced, she or he should not have this or that problem or symptom. Most menopausal symptoms are  chronic problems, meaning a person has be out of balance for a while for having symptom showing out. Acupuncture is not one time procedure, it may take some time with regular sessions in order to bring the body back to balance level. Consistent treatment along with recommended diet and proper life style will achieve a long and effective results.

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