*I‘m so thankful for Dr. Wu. During my battle through breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation, I have remained symptom free. I’m sure throughout this time her precision and skills with acupuncture have made the difference. (My doctor’s have all supported this treatment, too). I’m continuing on with her to become cancer free! Thanks, Dr. Wu!         Ann. C.  Nov. 2014

*Since becoming a patient of Dr. Wu, I have been able to stop taking my allergy medicines altogether. Also, the eczema on my hands has nearly cleared completely! I love acupuncture because of how it makes me feel. I sleep better and think more clearly. Dr. Wu is helping to balance my body as wells as my internal organs. I hope to continue receiving these treatments for extended great health.          Crystal A.  Nov. 2014

*Dr. Wu is the Doctor of all Doctors! I have no more sinus issues like before and she keeps my back/neck pain in check. She is very knowledgeable and keeps you well informed at all times of your body condition. Since starting with Dr. Wu a few years ago, I no longer go to my regular doctor except for physical exams, and the results are always a perfect bill of health. Thank you Dr. Wu for the best treatment EVER!!!           N. Conrad Sept. 2014

*I have been seeing Dr. Wu for 51/2 years. After 30 years of chronic and often debilitating  pain, I am able to lead a perfectly normal and active life. While I receive routine treatment for my chronic issues, Dr. Wu has treated me for a number of acute issues that crop up from time to time. Acupuncture is amazing.            L. Spett  July 2014

*Dr. Wu is amazing! I have been going to her and receiving her treatments for 7 years. Her herbs and acupuncture really works! She was able to get me off of my prescription medication after going to treatment and taking her herbs. I would definitely recommend her for any ailment you may have! She is the best! And she has a wonderful personality to boot! thank you, Dr. Wu, for all of your care and attention!       A. Wood  July 2014

*I have been going to Dr. Wu for over 20yrs. She has been able to treat every condition the popped up. She literally keeps me going! She prescribes herbs that treat the entire body and the condition disappeared as the body heals itself. Acupuncture has proven to me that its the best for anyone with pain after surgery–I am living proof– doctors were amazed.          M. Clark July 2014

*I had a severe case of hyperthyroid in February of 2005. I was bad and had never been to an acupuncturist before.  Within a week Dr. Wu had it under control and it just got better with a combination of acupuncture and herbs until my symtoms were gone and labs were normal.   I have continued to go to her since then, but not at the same rate to maintain.  My husband has had a number of problems and recently started going to her for migraines and very bad indigestion.  They have both improved.  Acupuncture is very good for some things.  I think it is better than western medicine for a lot of treatments and doesn’t have the side effects.  Dr. Wu taught acupuncture for the world health organization.   I am a Registered Nurse.       Michele H.   Feb. 2011

*I am so so impressed with my improvement. It has been life changing and monumental.
Since my last post I have been going to Dr. Wu three times a week, every week. EXPENSIVE! But totally worth it. Recently have been able to cut back to two times a week because I really have improved greatly.
I have only gotten a cold once since I started and was only really down for about two days. Shocking. I was the type to ALWAYS be sick. Always. I never felt well, and would catch everything that came my way. My immune system is so much stronger now.
I had really bad digestive problems also, so I have been on a strict diet, which totally sucks, but it is necessary to help balance and strengthen. It’s hard to go out to eat, but I have definitely improved on my cooking skills ^.^ Anyways, my digestive system has also seen major improvements, but is still being worked on.
My headaches have for the most part disappeared. I am so happy! Now, the rare time I get a headache I am shocked at how much it hurts, and can’t believe I lived with the constant pain for so long. I was taking advil 4 pills at a time everyday. It was ridiculous. No more pain killers for me now!
My fatigue has disappeared. I’m sleeping better, my energy has skyrocketed, and I generally feel well and willing to go out and do things, where before I always needed a nap, or just felt weak and tired.
If you have any kind of issue where you are having to take meds all the time and still don’t feel well, or if you just DON’T FEEL WELL and western doctors have no answer, call Dr. Wu. Go in for a consult and see if it is something you can set the money aside for. It will change your life.      Sarah T.     Nov. 2010

*I have been going to Dr. Wu for over 19 years. She has absolutely cleared up every problem I have ever come in with that did not logically require surgery. If I had gone to her as a preventative I believe I would not have had to have any surgery. her diagnosis, herbal compounds, acupuncture and advice was right on. Stay well, go “before” you become ill. She is professional in every sense of the word. What ever you invest in the treatment is well worth the cost. She is a tremendous asset to the Atlanta Metro Area. I highly recommend her. You will be intrigued by such ancient but highly effective medicine. Stay well.          Mary  June  2009

*Dr. Wu is the real thing and a master healer. My husband and I both went to her and found the treatments astounding. I had a very bad case of thyroiditis when I started and she had it under control in 2 weeks. Have been going to her for 5 years. If I had the money would go every week. Never felt better than when I went 3x per week and took herbs. Good energy, no headaches.She did an Excellent job.       W.   Aug.2009

*Dr. Wu was recommended to me by a professor of the Naturopathic Medical School in Portland, OR. I suffer from uterine fibroids. She did a very thorough diagnosis and recommended a combination of herbs and acupuncture. She has helped me more than any “traditional” doctor I have seen-all without surgery.     G.   May 2005



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